Senor Cabrales

Music from the Celtic Edge

About Us

Señor Cabrales - six traditional musicians hailing from northern Spain and Australia, Señor Cabrales' unique sound, combining Spanish bagpipes, fiddle, flute, mandolin, bouzouki and bodhran, has been thrilling audiences across Australia. Let them take you on an exciting Celtic musical journey from wild Atlantic coast of northern Spain, through Brittany to the windswept and haunted outer islands of Scotland...... 

Hand-crafted from arcane regional components, Cabrales is unique, pungent and not for the faint-hearted. Hidden in darkness in vertiginous mountain caves in vain attempts to achieve maturity, the Señor emerges sporadically to delight aficionados (and unsuspecting others). Often complex, fruity and biting, mouldy, sometimes a mite crumbly, but never, never predictable. Best enjoyed with several tumblers of rustic sidra, or a crisp alboriño. Approach.... with caution !  

Our Music

Salton de Candamu/Tigre Xuan/Albora de los Potes 

The slow Salton de Candamu is a traditional Asturian tune. The Alborada Tigre Xuan was partly composed by Elias Garcia from the reknowned Asturian group Llan de Cubel. Albora de los Potes is a contemporary piece in honor of Xuan Nel Exposito, the accordian player with another reknowned Asturian group, Felpeyu 

This track features on our second  album Sol y Sombra

Tengo de Subir Al Puerto/Si la Neive Resbala

Traditional Asturian tune from the "tonada" singing tradition

This track features on our second  album Sol y Sombra

Caoineadh Eoghan Rua/Fandangu (live at the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre)

Caoineadh Eoghan Rua, The Lament for Owen Roe, is thought to be for Owen Roe O'Sullivan, or Eoghan of the Sweet Mouth, a celebrated 18th century Munster poet.

This is followed by a Fandangu, a traditional dance tune from Central Asturias, taken from the collection of Asturian musicologist Eduardo Martinez Torner

These tunes feature on our first album Aqui


Breakfast Concert at The Hub Cafe, Keppel St, Bathurst. 10 am - 11 am, December 1, 2018

Senor Cabrales in concert with Witches Leap at Junction 142, Katoomba St, Katoomba. Saturday February 23, 2019

The National Folk Festival, Canberra. 18-22 April, 2019